What we do, and how we do it

Clarity’s particular strengths are:

  • “Marketing public relations”: PR is fun with a purpose – to support your marketing and business goals. We help you ensure that they are working in lockstep.
  • Issue and crisis communications: Bad things happen, even to good companies. We help you head off what you can, and minimize the fallout of what you can’t.


Our services include:

  • Strategy: Let’s visualize your communications destination.
  • Planning: Then map a course to get you there.
  • Execution: Now we can get the show on the road!
  • Evaluation: How’s the trip going, do we need to alter course?
  • Support tools: We can create all the tools you need to execute your plan – written word, audio, video, web, social media, even good ole print.
  • Interim/outsourced staffing: We can keep the trains moving while you fill a position, or we can be that position for you.
  • Media relations: We train your spokespeople, pitch your story to the right outlets, and help you shine from there.


PR types are inherently flexible, so we are available when and how you need us:

  • on a consulting basis
  • a la carte/per project
  • by retainer (bulk discounts!)