Food is story.

You’ve got a great story to tell.
Tell it with Clarity.

Food is more than just fuel, it is feeling. Telling your story humanizes your food business, sets you apart, helps customers connect. Clarity Communications LLC helps you find your unique voice, to tell your unique story.


Strategy first, then tactics.

Don’t chase the latest fad, get focused first.

To get the most out of your communications dollars, you’ve got to put planning into it. Clarity helps you target your efforts to maximize ROI.


Great teammates, no overhead.

Don’t have PR staff? You do now, with Clarity.

In this age of 24/7 social everything, outsourcing offers peace of mind. Clarity delivers the PR skills you need without the overhead you don’t.


We speak food.

You don’t make widgets - neither do we.

The food chain faces unique challenges and opportunities. You need communications counsel who understands that uniqueness. Clarity already speaks your language and knows your business.

Clarify your message. Connect with your audience.

Ready to refine your brand's story so that it resonates with your customers and inspires loyal followers?