A beginner’s guide for new spokespersons

A client just honored me by asking me to serve as their organization’s media spokesperson.  I also had a chance recently to interview about a dozen spokespersons for a client project, frankly with mixed results. The two situations caused me to think about spokesperson basics. If you’ve been tapped to be spokesperson for your organization, […]

Learnings from FTC’s POM Wonderful ruling

The fresh produce industry counts on being able to promote the healthy profile of our wares. So what can we learn from the recent POM Wonderful case? (Background: In May 2012, a federal judge agreed with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that POM Wonderful has engaged in deceptive advertising. Finding the company’s claims about the […]

What I’ve learned as a spokesperson

The following first appeared as a guest post on MrMediaTraining.com on April 27, 2012.  Thanks to Brad Phillips for giving me permission to reprint it here: As a crisis communications consultant turned fresh produce industry spokesperson turned PR counselor and trainer, I now have the chance to pass on some of the lessons I’ve learned throughout […]

4 steps to bring clarity to your PR efforts

Having worked in public relations and issue communications for more than 20 years now, I tend to forget that my craft is still a mystery-slash-missed opportunity for many people. A prospective client brought that home for me recently as I considered how to answer the question, “So where do we begin?” Here’s a four-step guide […]

Outsourced yes, hack no

From time to time, clients hire me/Clarity to provide outsourced PR staff. Typically, the client’s staff PR position is vacant, but meanwhile the work won’t wait. Or the client is a mid-size company that doesn’t have enough to work to justify a full-time staff position. Or the client is a start-up that doesn’t yet have […]